Effects of Nicotine Overdose – Things You Need to Know

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    E-cigarettes are really helpful for those who want to quit smoking. If you find it difficult to quit smoking then these electronic cigarettes are going to work very well for you. Vaping is the technique of releasing vapors from e-cigarettes. There are different techniques of vaping and every technique has a different impact on our body. When you smoke, you inhale over six thousand chemicals. However, when you choose vaping, you will not be inhaling any harmful chemicals.

    Vaping has endless benefits. The very first benefit is that you will not get addicted to it. The next thing is flavors. Vaping has different flavors of juice known as vape juice. This is the most exciting feature of electronic cigarettes that you can enjoy different flavors of juice. Now when you use vaping there is no need of ashtrays, so you can say goodbye to them. Vaping is environment friendly as there is no harmful smoke so no pollution. Vaping has unlimited benefits but still you need to take care of the nicotine juice in the cigarette. You must be aware of the concentration of nicotine in the cigarette as overdose can cause serious issues.

    Finding nicotine is not a difficult job at all. These days, you can even order it online. There are many sellers who sell nicotine online. Some people are not comfortable to visit the store to buy e-juice for vaping so buying online would be the best option for them. Not only you can buy e-juice online but also you can avail exclusive deals on the product. You are advised to buy the juices from certified sellers. Eliquid Depotis one of the websites where you can order vape juice.

    Side Effects of Nicotine Overdose

    • It is a well-known fact that ​excess of nicotine will kill us. It is reported that a cigarette contains around ten mg of nicotine in it so if you consume four to five cigarettes in one go then there is more than fifty percent chances of dying. The vaping technique contains very little amount of nicotine that is around four ml in twelve mg/ml. It is reported that 30 – 60 mg nicotine is enough to kill a person.
    • You can easily experience the signs of extra dosage of nicotine. If you vape continuously then you will experience vomiting as the initial symptom. Then you will experience nausea and unconsciousness.  If you are overdosed then you will experience diarrhea, headache and stomach ache.

    Nicotine overdose is dependent on various factors such as nicotine source and body weight. Intake of 50 – 60 mg of nicotine could be fatal for adults. So, safety warnings state that 5 – 10 ml of solution containing nicotine can be fatal. Mortality rate caused due to nicotine poisoning is quite low as research suggests that oral nicotine of 500 – 1000 mg can kill an adult. Avoiding nicotine containing products is one of the effective ways to prevent poisoning due to nicotine.

    It is advised to consume nicotine with care to avoid any health issues.

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