Which Applicants Need IT Certification the Most?

Let's get one thing clear. In the United States, there is some sort of bias for college degrees holders.

Make no mistake there is no shortage of college degrees holders who are completely clueless about the jobs they hold.

It’s as if somebody hit them over the head with a stick and they have completely blanked out and they don't know even the most basic details regarding their job.

I know that this is comedic enough as it is, but it really turns downright annoying and frustrating when you quickly realize that a lot of these people are actually pulling in a hundred thousand dollars every single year. Talk about overpaid and underqualified.

It's easy to think that this applies across the board. Unfortunately, there is a bias in the tech industry as well as other American industries for people with the sheepskin. That's right. I'm talking about a college diploma. This leaves a lot of otherwise qualified and high-value team members out in the cold.

For whatever reason, these people did not go to college. In fact, a lot of them did not finish high school. However, don't let these facts fool you into to thinking that these individuals should be relegated to the lowest levels of production work because they simply do not have the skills.

You may want to think again because thanks to their constant exposure to problems breaking out at the ground level and those problems being addressed by professional and experienced programmers, these people have a face-to-face view of the daily practical reality surrounding the businesses that employ them.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the concepts and fixes as well as hacks that they need to overcome these daily hiccups seep into the mindsets of these people. It really would be unfair to assess their value as well as get a clear idea of their contribution to the overall productivity and effectiveness of the team by basically focusing on a very simple question: do you have a college degree or not?

IT certification helps these people the most because their perceived value goes up. They are more likely to be promoted even if they don't have a college or even high school diploma. As long as they have enough IT certification, this acts as some sort of third-party indication or verification for the fact that figured things as they work. Through sheer experience, their knowledge base probably rivals those of fairly decent middle management personnel.

So, do yourself a big favor.

If you, for whatever reason, do not have a formal degree or if you didn't even graduate from high school, you might want to take a long, hard look at IT certifications because they may level out your playing field to some degree.